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Our coaches will help you improve where you need to in order to become the best Madden player you can!

-4x Browns Champion
-Madden Champion
-Madden Club Series Final 4
-Madden Challenge Final 4
-2x Packers Champion
-Madden Club Series Final 8
-MCS 17 finalist
-NJ Challenger Winner
-2x Chiefs Club Champion
-MUT Draft Final 8
-Madden Classic Final 16
-1x Giants Champion
-Madden Challenge Top 16 (Xbox & Ps4)
-Madden Challenge Final 4
-1x Texans Champion
-Madden Classic Final 4
-MCS Finalist
-Madden Challenge Final 8
-1x Rams Champion
-Madden Challenge Champion
-Vegas Challenger Winner
-Madden Classic Final 6
-Top 8 Thanksgiving Kickoff MCS Tournament

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Trust Elite Madden for all of your Madden 22 Tips as we prepare you for the META and how to beat the META.

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