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POSTED BY Buctillidie July 23, 2019 in Free Tips

Below we have broke down FREE ways you can start building up your coins and binder. There are a lot of ways to do this in Madden 20. Be sure to take advantage of these options in order to save yourself some cash!

During EA Access:

There will be 10 exclusive challenges which will be a great way to start building up your coins!

Theme Builders:

As you level up you can gain up to 10 collectibles.

Use the collectibles to unlock that specific players ultimate challenges sequence. Choose wisely so you don’t waste training! (You can use training instead when powering up the card in place of theme builder card)

16 challenges per player.

You gain up to 3200 coins and 50 training for each team completed along with a Theme Builder card.

For the complete list checkout Theme Builder

Ultimate Trainer Missions: 

Complete all the missions and earn 6 collectibles which unlocks your choice of 1 ultimate trainer master (Choose wisely, it can only be completed once)

We recommend Lattimore, Juju, or Tyrann. These are skill position players and they are great cards to have to begin the year! Players of the same caliber will go for a lot of coins early in the year.

NFL Epics

Complete the Ultimate Challenges to earn stars which you can redeem for:

-86 Budda Baker (60 stars to get)

-86 Deacon Jones (120 stars to get)

Journey Ultimate Challenges:

Complete the Ultimate Challenges and earn 88 Michael Thomas.

Rookie Master Josh Allen:

DO NOT SELL any rookie cards unless you have multiples of them, all 70 core rookie player cards are required for the Josh Allen rookie master set. This is similar to how the Saquan Barkley rookie master set was in madden 19.

Series Progression:

Series trophies are now a currency! 

Acquire by winning h2h, squads, mut champs, or ranked draft seasons.

They can be used for packs or quick sells!

Be on the look out for which packs we think are best!

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