The Game Within The Game

POSTED BY Tdavis July 22, 2019 in Free Tips

Winning in Madden at a competitive level is not always just about the best plays, glitches, and schemes. It is about the mental side of the game, the preparation, and just knowing how to put yourself in a position to win even if you are not the most skilled. In this article, I break down the 5 most under valued tips that helped me become one of the highest money earning players in Madden 19.

1. Utilize your Resources – With Twitch, YouTube, tip sites, etc. now available to you, you can get film on pretty much every player. Learning a good players tendency’s and how they manage a game can help you improve significantly. Whether your studying your opponent for an upcoming tournament or league game, whatever the case may be, it is crucial in this new age of madden. Going into the Arizona Club Championship, I had a notebook of everything Kmac, Lil Burk, and Tre were going to do. I knew every play by heart and I knew Kmac’s whole Salary Cap roster. This doesn’t mean you are going to stop them every time, but it helps put you in a good position. I also want to point out a few guys and their twitter names: @ny_kia31_sports @deuceclose and @beastmode4mvp. Now these names might not sound familiar in the competitive madden scene, but they have excellent madden minds and football IQ’s that can be incorporated to help anyone. I watched all of their YouTube and Twitter content. Kia’s videos on the match defense really helped me incorporate my own match concepts all year that were very beneficial for me. Watch everything, study everything, and keep learning.

2. Understand Your Opponent/Study Them – Like I said in the first tip, understand your opponent inside and out. If you know your going up against a great passer with elite reads then slow the game down and manage the clock well. If you are like me and aren’t the greatest on offense then you know you need to run the ball vs this type of opponent in order to keep yourself in the game. Usually the best offensive players aren’t that great on Defense so you can usually move the ball well, but understanding game management is huge which we will get to more later. If you are facing a great defensive player, then you want to break down the film on them so you can find the exact holes in their defense and study the stuff they tend to give up. Learn if your opponent tends to play more conservative or aggressive and use that to decide when you can take your chances.

3. Stay in the Game – Look, it’s hard to be good at madden and it’s even harder to win tournaments at a high level. Flukey catches, random fumbles and dropped picks are going to happen vs other high level players. No one is going to win vs an opponent every single time. That is why you should always allow yourself to stay in the game. Slow the game down, take your time and be patient. Take field goals if you have to. I consider myself a defensive player and one of the main philosophies I’ve used over the years is to limit big plays and make your opponent work for everything. Most players are not going to want to take their 2-5 yard drags/flats every play, it’s just how Madden players are. There’s a select few that are patient enough to do that. Most players are going to get bored or want to take a chance down field so that is when you need to capitalize. Limit the big plays and when your opponent makes a mistake (which 75% of madden players will), then you take advantage. Limiting mistakes and turnovers is always the key to winning just like in real sports. YES it’s even okay to punt sometimes, especially if you’re playing great defense. Just always stay in the game, keep it close and give yourself a chance. This is all we can really ask for. On the flip side of that, take your 5 yard drags and 4 yard runs on offense. DON’T force stuff. The best players methodically move down the field and have a high completion percentage.

4. Be Smart – This is probably the most important tip to me. Do you want to win? Do you want to make money? PLAY SMART! Run the damn clock, hike at 1 second if you have the lead and don’t let your opponent get the ball back before half. All these things are so important and often get overlooked. Way too many times I’ve seen a player hike the ball at 6 or 7 on the play clock instead of 1 so now they are forced to run another play before the quarter is over. It makes absolutely no sense if you have the lead. Is the goal to look pretty and have nice stats? NO, the goal is to win. Slow down and think about what you’re doing. I also see players trying to pass when they’re up 7 in the redzone with 3 minutes left in the game. Why?!?!?! Run the ball 3 times, make your opponent use their timeouts and go up 10. Your odds of winning are extremely high in this position.

5. Putting it all together/Conclusion – Now I am definitely not the best madden player and don’t know everything, but these tactics have helped me win a lot of money in my madden career and have kept me near the top of the community for close to 10 years. There’s so many talented and skilled players in our community with the best plays, schemes, run stick, reads, etc. but understanding the ways to win even when you’re not playing your best game is extremely important. I hope this write up helps you guys focus on the little things in the game. We can call it “the game within the game”. Play smart, limit mistakes, and lastly don’t be good, be elite here at 😉


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